Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fish Resources - The Fate of the Ocean

The article on The Fate of the Ocean is 12 pages long and I would like more people to read it because it explains the importance of marine organisms in our daily lives as well as the abuse that we humans create for ourselves in the upcoming years. It is an informative article that is easy to understand. It also provides a lot of detailed explanation of how science works around us and how our actions affect marine life.
In this article, Scientists stated that, "From a scientific perspective, we now know enough to improve dramatically the conservation and management of marine systems through the implementation of ecosystem-based approaches." This statement is self explanatory to all but the problem is getting full cooperation from everyone. "Change" has always been close to impossible for many, which is why by the time people understand the importance of marine organisms, it is already to late. SAD, but TRUE!
I love the ending of this article which read, "AT NO TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY has so much scientific inquiry been focused so intensively in one direction: on the anthropogenic changes in our world. As a result, we are learning more, and more quickly then ever before, about the life-support systems of earth work. Science now recognizes that the ocean is not just a pretty vista or a distant horizon but the vital circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive organs of our planet, and that these biological systems are suffering. Much effective treatment is suggested by computer-modeling studies, which the Bush administration, with its fear of science, negates-even though computer models are the same powerful tools that enable us to put men into space, to run wars, and to forecast financial trends." In comparison of this statement, the Marianas, a perfect example of how powerful politicians can be, is the act of our former Governor, Governor Babauta, making the stateless individuals U.S. citizens. If only our politicians would concentrate on the more important matters, EDUCATION and HEALTH, anything can be accomplished!
While reading this article, I kept thinking, what if we completely stop the exporting of wild seafood around the world? Could this be a possible solution to some of the problems? My thoughts continued and came up with, no more exporting wild seafood = more tourists visiting places where wild seafood is overflowing = revenue = growth in wild seafood production. For example, if I am a wild seafood lover and one way to indulge in seafood is to visit a place where seafood is served daily, then I will definitely go there. I wish it was this simple!
The Last Days of the Ocean
News: We're Pushing Our Seas to the Brink. Can They be Saved? A Mother Jones special report.
March/April 2006 Issue

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